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Wednesday, August 23, 2017


The client accepts the FOLLOWING TERMS AND CONDITIONSwith every order


- These General Conditions of Use, Conditions of Sale and Privacy Policy regulate the use of the website www.singularwod.com, THE COMPANY: Singular WOD Spain, S.L., with CIF B86766938 and domicile in Calle Alamo 27, 28970 Humanes de Madrid, Madrid.

- Via its site www.singularwod.com, Singular WOD provides information about its products and offers the chance to purchase them. Due to the content and purpose of the website, those persons who want to use its services must have the status of a “Client,” which they acquire by filling out the registration form and following the steps described here.

- In any case, some pages on the website are accessible to natural or legal persons who don’t sign up or purchase a product (Users). Accordingly, the Users who access these parts of the website accept that they are subject to the terms and conditions set out in these General Conditions, to the extent that they apply.

- CONTACT: If you have any questions, enquiries or suggestions, you can send us your comments by email to: info@singularwod.com.


- By units and in euros.

- Will be those listed in our existing rates at the moment when the order is accepted.

- Sale prices can be modified without previous notice, with notification provided as soon as possible; this will never affect order where payment is pending.

- The indicated prices include the 21% VAT applied in Spain, except for the Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla and other countries, where the local tax of each territory will be applied along with the tariff determined based on the tariff classification.


- Purchaser is responsible for taxes.

- The official bill for each purchase can be downloaded in PDF format from your customer account area whenever you want.


- Prices of products do not include the assembly costs, for which the customer is responsible or which can be purchased separately from Singular WOD Spain, S.L. if you wish (consult prices).

- Prices of products do not include materials for mounting on walls, floor or ceiling (screws, anchors, adhesives, cement, rivets, etc.), for which the client is responsible depending on his needs and the material on which the products will be installed.


- The shipping delivery time is 24 to 48 hours in Peninsular Spain, once the order payment is received, which depends on the method of payment used — it is effective immediately with Paypal, while it takes 24 to 48 hours with credit card or bank transfer. For shipping outside out of Peninsular Spain, the delivery times of our logistics provider must be considered: 8 to 10 days to the Canary Islands, starting from the Wednesday after having received the payment. 2 to 3 days to the Balearic Islands. 3 to 4 days to Ceuta and Melilla.

- You can track your shipments on the website of our logistics provider, using the reference number we send you when you make your purchase.

- Product prices do not include shipping costs, for which the customer will always be responsible, nor added taxes or any incidental shipping charges (insurance, refunds, returns, reshipment, etc.).

- Shipping costs for express delivery, or using a different agency than the one THE COMPANY works with, are the consignee’s responsibility.

- Shipping expenses will be automatically estimated based on the shipping weight in kilos and the delivery address (possible reshipments not included), assuming Madrid (Spain) to be the shipping origin. However, depending on the shipping volume once fully packed (calculated in cubic meters), the cost of shipping might increase, as well as due to any potential reshipments needed to fulfill the order. In these cases, the company will contact the purchaser to conform the payment for such extra costs before shipping.

- In case the shipping weight exceeds 250 kilos or the shipping volume is considered special by our logistics provider, shipping expenses will need to be specifically calculated for that particular shipment, and it will be paid to the logistics company upon delivery of the product (third party billing).

- For international markets and non-Peninsular Spain (Ceuta, Melilla, Balearic Islands and Canary Islands), the costs must be specifically calculated for each order by contacting sales@singularwod.com.

- It is the responsibility of the customer to verify the condition of the goods upon receipt of delivery. If the goods arrive in poor condition, the customer must provide us notice as soon as possible.


- All the equipment in stock has immediate availability except for factory products (cages, racks, boxes, parts and accessories for cages, sleds and strongman equipment), which requires additional handling time prior to shipment that can take up to 20 days.

- Products with a specific date of availability can be reserved in advance. The specified date can vary as a result of changes in our manufacturing and logistics processes. In this case, clients who have reserved any product will be punctually informed of the date change.


- 100% IN ADVANCE: Delivery in 24 to 48 h for products in stock, and up to 20 days for factory products.

- IN INSTALLMENTS, 50% IN ADVANCE AND 50% PRIOR TO DELIVERY: Delivery in up to 30 days. Any other type of delay will lead to a discount on the rate for financing expenses.

- Failure of on-time payment of any promissory note or invoice will lead to the immediate suspension of supply and service.


· Any client who finances a payment assumes and accepts by signing that they have read and understood all the conditions listed in the loan contract made with the bank providing financing.



- Claims shall be governed by and construed in accordance with article 82 of the Consolidated Text of the General Act for the Protection of Consumers and Users (TRLGDCU).


- No refund will be accepted more than 15 days from the date of delivery, unless it has been previously discussed with and authorized by the Sales Department of THE COMPANY. Regardless, they will only be accepted if shipped as PREPAID FREIGHT.

- All material returned must be in perfect condition, unused, and in its original packaging, otherwise the value will be depreciated.


- You can cancel your order without justification within 14 calendar days from the day when you or a designated third party (other than the carrier) receives the purchased items (or since the last item, component, or part has been received in case of delivery of goods composed of multiple components or parts). To do so, you must inform us at soporte@singularwod.com, or by mail to: Singular WOD Spain, S.L., Calle del Alamo 27, 28970 - Humanes de Madrid. Madrid (Spain) of your decision to cancel your order. You must send your request via this form. More information about legal rights, effects, and exceptions to the disclaimer rights can be found in this document.


- In the event of a defective product, we will proceed, as appropriate, to repair, replace, offer a price reduction, or terminate the agreement, all of which at no cost to the consumer, including shipping costs. The replacement without any additional cost of parts or complete products that are materially defective, as determined by technical staff of THE COMPANY, is limited to a period of two years from the date of delivery, and only when presenting the receipt or invoice provided at the time of purchase. The consumer shall notify THE COMPANY of the non-conformity within two months of discovering it. The warranty follows the legal standards set by the Consolidated Text of the General Act for the Protection of Consumers and Users (TRLGDCU) and other complementary legislation.


- All the articles we manufacture and distribute are covered by general liability insurance.

- The coverage of the aforesaid insurance will not cover injuries or personal or material damages directly or indirectly resulting from incorrect use of the aforesaid articles.

- The use of any of our products by any company or organization (whether profit or non-profit) in any type sports or entertainment facility or during any type of public or private event, whether indoors or outdoors, must be covered by such company, facility, or event, with their own general liability insurance unconnected to THE COMPANY.


- It is strictly prohibited to completely or partially reproduce this website or any of its content, without the prior written authorization of THE COMPANY.

- The copying, reproduction, adaptation, modification, distribution, marketing, public communication, and/or any other action infringing existing Spanish and/or international regulations on the matter of intellectual and/or industrial property is also strictly prohibited, as is use of the website's content without the prior written authorization of THE COMPANY.

- THE COMPANY provides notice that it shall not grant any license or implicit authorization for the intellectual and/or industrial property rights or for any other right or property directly or indirectly related to the content published on the website.

- You are only authorized to use the website's content for purposes of obtaining information or service, and only by citing or making reference to the source, with the user assuming responsibility for any misuse thereof.


- THE COMPANY will retain full ownership of the goods until the buyer has fully paid the cost thereof, before which it will be considered a matter of deposit and custody.

- The goods may be repossessed for nonpayment during the previously stipulated period.


- These General Conditions are governed by Spanish law. The parties submit, of their own election, all their disputes to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts and tribunals of the domicile of the user, renouncing any other. Also, as a signatory of CONFIANZA ONLINE and in accordance with the Terms and Conditions contained in its Code of Ethics regarding online commercial agreements and advertising, data protection, and protection of minors, we allow our users to employ CONFIANZA ONLINE's out-of-court dispute resolution system (www.confianzaonline.es).


- These catalog prices supersede all previous ones.

- THE COMPANY reserves the right to amend the prices as many times as necessary, without committing to notifying clients beforehand.

- THE COMPANY reserves the right to totally or partially modify any article that appears on this price list, without prior notice.