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Friday, September 22, 2017


In addition to kettlebell training, use them in functional training or as ballast in your pull-ups. Available from 8 and 40 kg. Competition standards.

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Product NamePriceQty
8-kg Pink Kettlebell
€32.00 Tax included
+ -
10-kg Grey Kettlebell
€35.00 Tax included
+ -
12-kg Blue Kettlebell
€37.00 Tax included
+ -
14-kg Brown Kettlebell
€44.00 Tax included
+ -
16-kg Yellow Kettlebell
€51.00 Tax included
+ -
18-kg Violet Kettlebell
€58.00 Tax included
+ -
20-kg Purple Kettlebell
€65.00 Tax included
+ -
22-kg Black Kettlebell
€71.00 Tax included
+ -
24-kg Green Kettlebell
€77.00 Tax included
+ -
26-kg Light-Green Kettlebell
€82.00 Tax included
+ -
28-kg Orange Kettlebell
€87.00 Tax included
+ -
32-kg Red Kettlebell
€98.00 Tax included
+ -
36-kg Dark Grey Kettlebell
€110.00 Tax included
+ -
40-kg White Kettlebell
€165.00 Tax included
+ -

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Kettlebell exercises and competitions are gaining popularity around the world. The benefits of exercising with Kettlebells make them an increasingly popular complement to strength workouts, core training and functional training competitions.

They are made from one single piece of high quality steel by a casting process with moulds that make them very resistant. The different weights are achieved by increasing the thickness of the inner wall, and the greater the weight, the greater the resistance.

All Singular WOD Kettlebells meet competition standards. Official competition weights range from 8 kg onwards, in 4 kg increments. But we have also manufactured kettlebells with intermediate weights, that is, 10 kg, 14 kg, 18 kg, onwards. We did this so that you can scale your workouts more easily as you progress.

The grip zone of ​​our Kettlebells is designed to fit the hand, preventing friction and possible injuries and its weight is carefully distributed so that the oscillation is constant and easier to control.

Working with kettlebells strengthens remarkably the entire lower body (glutes, lower back, and hamstring) with swinging movements, and it also improves muscular endurance, coordination, agility, and balance.

Brand: Singular WOD

Weights: 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 32, 36 and 40 kg

Height: 28 cm

Width: 21 cm

Diameter of the grip handle: 35 mm

Material: Steel

Finish: Immersion paint



At Singular WOD we work hard every day to ensure all our products and services are of the highest quality.

For this, we continuously review our quality processes, and establish new control mechanisms that help us to detect possible deficiencies in the design and prototyping stages of each of our products, as well as during the manufacturing, assembly and packaging stages. In addition, we are extremely careful during the handling and transport stages in order to ensure the products reach you in optimum conditions.

But if, despite our efforts to offer you the highest quality products, you detect any physical or aesthetic anomaly, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Services Department  so that we can replace your product with a brand-new one, at no cost and in less than 48 hours. You have a 2 year warranty on this product!

*See our general terms and conditions.

And if you are simply not satisfied with the product received, you have 15 days to return it or exchange it for a different one.


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