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At Singular WOD, we have a clear objective, to improve the lives of our clients through health and exercise. Many medical centres today take advantage of functional equipment to improve patients' health. Whether it's for physical improvements pre-op or for performing functional exercises after it to improve and shorten recovery times. Our products are designed to imitate the movements we perform naturally in our daily lives. The body doesn't "suffer" with repetitions and overloads in isolated muscle groups, it's exercised as a whole. By strengthening all the muscle groups in an integral way, we will be activating the stabilising muscles, which allow us to maintain correct posture and perform the movement correctly.

Taking extra care of your own
  • A new market: More customers for your physiotherapy and rehabilitation clinic. Join us in the cross market.
  • Maximum profitability: With very little space and material you can be a medical centre with great added value for your clients, don't let them train with the competition.
  • A new service: Active recovery from injuries, learn from high performance athletes.
  • Hospital training: We are specialists in functional training, and you already know its benefits. Put your medical centre at the forefront of training.

Singular WOD was one of the few companies that was fully interested in the project, offered us facilities in the process, understanding that we were starting something big.

Guillermo Romero Diaz

I have trusted Singular WOD products for 7 years because of their quality, after-sales service and seriousness in every commercial aspect I can think of, they are more than tested in competition giving an optimal result.

RD Salud
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