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Singular Green Project
100% Athletes, 100% Humans
Committed to a fitness planet. Instilling respect for the environment is our society's obligation. This can be done through education at school, leading by example and by caring for our planet as well as our body. The future of our children will depend on this transmission of values, and at Singular WOD we have set our sights on doing our bit.
What is our Singular Green Project?
  • Cutting down on printing emails.
  • Using only recycled paper.
  • Reducing gas emissions in the manufacturing plant by updating our machinery with machines made this year.
  • Working with suppliers who respect the Environment and have a common environmental project.
  • Consuming less energy throughout our production chain.
At Singular WOD, we continue to move forward in our objectives:
  • We use ecological inks
  • We have created training and motivation programmes for our employees regarding their environmental responsibilities.
  • We are reducing the consumption of electricity at our central headquarters and changing all the lighting.
  • We have launched 100% ecological products.
  • We have allocated funds to an environmental project.
Making the Planet a better place is possible, this is only a small step in doing so. Help us keep the planet fit, tell us your ideas and let's move forward together.