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Starting a new company of any kind is always an adventure filled with hurdles...




...a race filled with unexpected events, legal formalities, surprise expenses, bureaucracy, and a thousand issues you never even imagined. So setting up a gym or CrossFit box is not so different, and you will have to strive mightily to think like what you have become — an entrepreneur.




That’s why if you are thinking of setting up your own gym or CrossFit box, don’t hesitate to contact Singular WOD. We not only have all the equipment you need but, even more importantly, we know how and when you need it.


Since 2012, we have fully equipped over 400 CrossFit boxes, and we provide specialized equipment and rigs to all kinds of gyms and sports centers. We have manufactured and distributed more than 3000 tons of equipment all over Spain and parts of the EU. In addition, we have assembled our own CrossFit box in Madrid, with more than 1,400 m2 dedicated to this fascinating sport and all Singular WOD equipment. So believe us when we tell you we know exactly what you are about to go through. In fact, we invite to come and try out all our equipment yourself and examine in detail our cages as finished products. Come train with us if you feel like it!




Don't you think it is perfect to be able to try absolutely everything before you buy it? Contact us without any obligation. Send us an e-mail and tell us what you have in mind. We will help you choose and properly size the necessary equipment and rigs to completely optimize your investment, paying in installments and getting the best value for your money on the market.




More isn’t always better, more expensive is not always higher quality. However, it is unwise to pinch pennies on something as important to your business as the equipment. If you do, you will soon have to spend more money than necessary, and, even worse, the reputation of your business will be damaged.


At the beginning, you won’t need every kind of equipment, but you have to choose the essentials (plates, kettlebells, boxes, balls, rings, rowing machines, dumbbells, etc.), and they have to be high quality and durable, and comply with the necessary specifications (measurement, weight, shape...), have a legal warranty, and good after-sales servicing, providing whatever is needed.


The most important thing is to make an accurate forecast, considering how many square meters your box is, its opening hours, the number of athletes of each type, etc., and then expand as you gain new members. Over time, you will add more pieces of the equipment that is in the highest demand, and also add new types of equipment as your athletes gain experience. The key is to provide variety and extra intensity for your workouts so your clients will be more complete athletes.




Few people realize its importance, but the choice of structures to install in your CrossFit box (central cages, wall-mounted cages, racks, etc.) may be, along with the flooring, the most strategic and important investments that you will face after determining the location and building for your box.


Your equipment should always be gradually improving and growing, but the cage where your athletes will do pull-ups, toes to bar, muscle-ups, bar muscle-ups, Olympic bar exercises on the racks, etc., can become the biggest obstacle to continued growth. Hence, it is very important to plan ahead well, to ensure you are using 100% of the physical space of your box’s training area efficiently, providing the greatest number of stations possible (especially for pull-ups, muscle-ups and racks) without sacrificing the logistics of classes nor the amount of safe, useful space for athletes.


Moreover, it is a structure from which a lot of people will be literally hanging, while many others will be making abrupt movements. Inertia, jumping, blows, and even very heavy weights are involved, so not just any structure will do; the kind of steel and welding must be very scrupulously chosen, one has to be careful to find a finish that doesn’t affect grip and not every type of bolting or floor, roof, or wall mounting will work.  It isn’t only about optimization and initial investment. It’s actually something much more important — the physical well-being of your athletes.


That’s why, at Singular WOD, we design your cage, rack, or rig at no additional charge. Our engineering team will study the shape of your CrossFit box, listen to your needs, calculate the loads and resistances of each prototype, propose new ideas, and design as many 3D models as needed until you get the perfect cage for your box.


We have different parts and accessories (posts, single bars, double bars, triple bars, beams, etc.) to build any type of structure that, moreover, can be also expanded in the future, adding new parts or complete modules.


If you prefer, you can choose any of our central cages or predesigned wall-mounted cages. These completely real models have already been used in other CrossFit boxes and gyms and, thanks to their configuration and price, they are a very good option for most new boxes.


After completing this entire process, in only 20 days, your cage will be ready to be set up by our team of specialists or even by you, yourself. You decide!


Comprehensive service to ensure you get an exceptional product, with an official manufacturer’s warranty and great after-sales servicing that gives you the confidence you need before making such an important investment.